Best Use of Cannabis During the Pandemic

The vast majority of people using cannabis as a medicine, are relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and enhancing sleep. During the coronavirus pandemic, each of these problems can be more acute.  

There is a cycle that exists with every chronic pain patient, whether they suffer from arthritis, back pain, migraines, old injuries, or fibromyalgia.  The pain is nearly always worse with higher levels of anxiety and stress.  With increased anxiety, sleep problems are also typically increased.  Someone who is sleep-deprived has a weaker immune system and is more vulnerable to infection.  

Most people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms.  That’s because they’re healthy and their immune function is strong.  The majority who die from COVID-19 are elderly and/or have a pre-existing health problem.  In Colorado, about 60% of the 1100 deaths (as of 5/22), occurred in residents of nursing homes or assisted care facilities. 

Cannabis, especially CBD, is a powerful medicine not only for breaking the pain/anxiety/sleep cycle, but by strengthening our body’s natural defense, it is also an excellent preventive medicine for COVID-19.

Since we are all unique individuals, we will each require different cannabinoids in a variety of dosages.  However, one thing is true for all of us – DO NOT INHALE!  The virus attacks the lungs, and inhaling, whether it’s smoke or vapor, causes some degree of irritation and inflammation of the respiratory epithelium, the sensitive tissue lining the airway.  The inflammation weakens the tissue and makes the lungs more susceptible to infection.

The safest method of administration is by ingestion – either capsules, tablets, tinctures, sprays, or edibles; at least 2x/day.  The most beneficial cannabinoid for breaking the cycle and preventing infection is CBD.  It can do the job either alone or in conjunction with THC.  The synergy produced by using them in combination, makes for a stronger pain reliever, and for many, a more effective anxiety reducer and sleep enhancer.  

THC strengthens the pain-relieving effect of CBD, and CBD reduces the psychoactive effect of THC.  Finding the ideal balance of CBD and THC requires an attentive process of experimentation and a period of a few days to a week or two.  I suggest recording the dosages you’re taking of both CBD and THC and how you feel with that dose.

Two key variables in this process are one’s tolerance for THC and severity of the pain. CBD:THC/1:1 is often a good dose for pain relief, and as I’ve heard from many patients, also helpful for sleep.  I think this is especially true for chronic pain patients, who sleep better having less pain.  The 1:1’s, either tablets or tincture, are easier to purchase since most dispensaries have them packaged that way, typically either 2.5 or 5mg of each.  However, many who have a lower tolerance to THC are uncomfortable (either they get too high or have increased anxiety) with this dosage.  

If a 1:1 doesn’t work well, you have three options:

  • add more CBD – 10 or 25mg capsules;
  • eliminate all THC and take only CBD capsules, up to 50-75mg 2-3x/day;
  • take THC tablets along with CBD capsules in varying ratios, with CBD always being the higher amount.

The CBD I recommend are the Trill Pills, a full spectrum whole-plant CBD containing other cannabinoids and terpenes, in addition to the CBD.  It is also clean, i.e. free of pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials; and consistent, containing the amount (mg. – milligrams) of CBD that appears on the label.  I’ve been recommending this product to patients for several years with excellent results. They’re available online @

If you’re someone who does not have chronic pain, but like most of us during this challenging time, are feeling a lot more anxiety, then you’ll benefit from a 10 or 25 mg. Trill Pill, once or twice a day.  

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