Energy medicine is a comprehensive approach to healing that includes all interactions between body, mind, and environment; including magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, chemical, physical and gravitational factors.

Conventional, Allopathic, Western or “Modern” Medicine is based on the 17th century theories of Descartes and Isaac Newton.  Recognized as the founder of modern medicine, Descartes saw the human being as a machine with two separate parts – body (soma) and mind (psyche).  Newtonian physics, taught that we live in a material universe – all that exists is matter (invisible energy is ignored).

Energy healing is an essential component of Fully Alive/Integrative Holistic Medicine, the new Modern Medicine.  It is based on quantum physics and the work of Albert Einstein. Regarded as the most influential physicist of the 20th century, Einstein’s most significant contribution was his belief that we live in an energy universe, and that underneath all matter, molecules, and atoms is invisible energy.  This energy is such a powerful force that he concluded, “The field (i.e., the environment filled with intermingling energies) is the sole governing agency of the particle (matter).

The field includes everything from the core of your being to the outer reaches of the universe.  It includes your thoughts and feelings, your diet and air quality, your relationships and faith in a higher power, as well as the energies radiating from the sun and the other planets in our solar system.  All of these energies strongly affect your physical body, and how you are affected by a specific drug or herb. 

Possibly the most compelling research regarding energy medicine was performed by a British physicist, C.W.F. McClare, who compared the effect of both energy signals (e.g., thoughts, emotions, prayer, hands-on healing) and physical signals (e.g., drugs, hormones) on cells.  He discovered that energy signals were 100 times more effective than physical signals!

Einstein’s quantum physics and his theory of an energy universe has profound implications for the practice of medicine, but unfortunately it has not yet changed the way most doctors diagnose and treat their patients.

At FAM, Dr. Ivker practices Energy Healing. Rav was certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner in 2005 by the Healing Touch Program (HTP), after having practiced this hands-on modality since 1987.  Healing Touch is a holistic energy medicine therapy utilizing a variety of hands-on techniques to balance and realign the energy within and surrounding the body.

Dr. Rav believes that unconditional or Divine Love is life’s most powerful healer, and that energy healers serve as conduits for channeling this healing energy to their clients and patients.  Energy healing work creates a space in which the body and mind can rest deeply, an optimal place for healing to occur and balance to be restored. Energy healing sessions can be deeply therapeutic, especially helpful for relieving physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

Energy Healing sessions can be scheduled by themselves for one hour, or included within any of the other FAM services (except MME and CC), in which case, they are typically one half-hour.