New Card Appointment
Dr. Ivker was fantastic. Very attentive and knowledgeable about the industry and gave me wonderful suggestions for my symptoms.

MMJ appointment
Dr Ivker was very attentive to my problems. Made wonderful suggestions to help with my symptoms; very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

Medicinal renew
Hi I have going there for years and I enjoy the meeting with Dr. Rav he is very knowledgeable plus he is very easy to talk to.

Dr. Ivker knows his stuff
Every year we I get valuable information, feedback and tips from Dr. Ivker. I would highly recommend him.

Life changing
I scheduled on line from out of state without any issues. Original intent was for help with pain management associated with my Lyme disease. My husband and I are overwhelmed with the level of support we received. Dr Ivker started by identifying an underlying issue that when treated could be life changing in my overall recovery. Pain management was also addressed. Dr Ivker moved quickly and methodically through volumes of information being sure my notes were accurate and that we understood.

Dr. Ivker was able to clearly and quickly present what specific treatment would be optimal for me. He listened to all of my concerns and answered all questions I had about the cannabis and non-cannabis anti-inflammatory and beneficial medicinal drugs and supplements…. ..He puts the word “patience” into practice with his patients. With his caring approach I hope to transition from a number of drugs with extremely negative side effects to options that will be more mind and body friendly!

Wealth of Knowledge and “Wears Your Shoes”
Dr. Ivker has vast knowledge and is fantastic listener! I find him to be my “go to” discerning professional. It is apparent that his mission is assisting individuals achieve the maximum possible solution to life difficulties, so to live LIFE to the fullest extent possible… no matter how complex the realm of existence one faces on a daily basis. Incredible resource with a most pleasant demeanor and extreme level of care, compassion and interest; a community asset!

Loved this place
Dr Rav was very professional and knowledgeable and gave me all kinds of info including supplements that would help my issue. Katie at the front desk was also helpful and just plain enjoyable. Wish I had gone sooner. Highly recommended!

Compassionate and experienced!
Rav and his team are what this industry needs, they know the medical conditions and uses for cannabis on a very deep level and understand best how to apply that knowledge for the patient. Highly recommended!

My visit with Dr.Rav
Dr. Rav was very thorough, clear and has tremendous knowledge but not just about MMJ. He counseled me from a Holistic approach. Dr. Rav made excellent suggestions and common sense observations about my back pain and sleep problem. He was kind, warm hearted and caring. What more could I ask for? Thank you Dr. Rav.

What a doctor should be….
Dr Rav. is not your usual doc. He listens, smiles, ask questions, looks things up, gives you multiple solutions, and really tries to make your life happier. He has been very good to my husband, and to myself. He really is a good man with a good soul.

Passionate Doctor
When you visit Dr. Ivker, you are getting the experience and care you deserve. Dr. Ivker has spent his life compiling the most recent and applicable information to share with you. If you are a first time MMJ user or a experienced veteran, Dr. Ivker is a doctor you can trust.

The Good Dr.
Dr. Ivker helped with my long term Low Back Pain. I have returned many years. I feel like he is a friend that cares!

Always a good appointment
This was my 4th annual visit with Dr. Rav and was very helpful as usual. As a cancer survivor, he keeps updated on my cancer status (cancer free so far) as well as helps me address other issues like insomnia. We talk about which strains, how much and what time of day/night I should consider. This, along with different supplements such as CBD supplements and I have a plan in place. As a cancer survivor, I have a team of doctors and consider Dr. Rav a key member.

Wonderful care!
I went to see Dr. Rav on the recommendation of my sister. I suffer from debilitating pain from arthritis, bursitis, degenerative disc disease, migraines, and neuropathy. Dr. Rav gave me a full prescription of which strains to use, when, and in what form. He also recommended supplements for my arthritis. He’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve just started my treatment, but I feel more optimistic than I have in a long time.

Excellent Services
I have been a patient for about two years and every time I visit with Dr. Ivker I learn more about holistic medicinal medicine. I’ve been a nurse for 18 years and always have followed the medical model of dispensing medicines to patients in the hopes of assisting with healing. I am very satisfied with turning away from big pharma and searching out natural therapies for pain management. I enjoy the discussions I have with Dr Ivker and will continue seeking his services as a patient.

Great Clinic and Excellent Services
This was only my first time going to this clinic but Dr. Ivker was so helpful, clear and knowledgeable with my MMJ appointment that I’ll definitely be going back.